JN3800 video skills test take 2

This time i asked my mother a topical question that was different from the first attempt. I asked her about the vote for the 2018 world cup which of course England are involved with interms of wanting to be the host. I feel its a good topic for a brief chat because it seems to have been all over the news this week starting with the Panorama programme on monday right up to today when the voting takes place. Its a subject just about every football fan has an opinion on and my mother was no different.

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JN3800 video skills test

I did the following 30 second interview with my mother, i am far from happy with it for many reasons, firstly the origional interviewee pulled out and no one else seemed too keen to appear on camera so i was stuck with my mum and secondly when i tried editing it on premier pro there were lots of problems. i do not suspect this video alone is good enough to pass so i intend on doing a new video interview and mastering premier pro in the next few days so i can get the required 40%. but anyways the interview is about the referee’s strike in Scotland, its currently in the news so i think from that point of view its a good question to ask plus my mother supports Celtic so i am interested to hear what she thinks.

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some more embeding

I’m combined honours journalism and film & music, i do a multimedia journalism module and i’m writing a dissertation about how some of the film scores of Bernard Herrmann make us think and feel and this is what i made earlier, i think it combined the two subjects.


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now for something completely different

its completely different to multimedia journalism work (well it gives me a chance to remember how to upload + embed videos again) but i like the following musicians alot

Howlin’ Wolf- Little red rooster

John Lee Hooker- Boom, boom

Bo Diddley- Road runner

Muddy Waters- Got my mojo working

Willie Dixon- Back door man

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JN3800 data skills test

My graph shows the highest position each the Mercury music prize winning albums between 1992-2009 reached in the UK album charts. It is often said that due to the Mercury prize’s frequent awarding to less mainstream musicians it is a good way to increase album sales and raise a musicians popularity. This graph will show how much the Mercury prize has impacted on winning musicians, for some they have got to the conveted number 1 position whilst others have remained in the lower reachs of the album charts and found that winning the Mercury prize has been no help at all for gaining mainstream recognition. If you click on the link the table also shows total sales of the Mercury prize winning album in the UK which is another way of gauging who has benefited from winning the award and who has not. Overall i think this was a good collection of data to put into a graph because of the amount of information there is to to start with and the fact you have two choices of what to make a graph from, chart positions and album sales.


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JN3800 map skills test

I chose the news stories because i feel that three of them are deadly serious but it might be a good idea to include a light hearted story about the priest who is aiming to help people in his parrish become more healthy even though as you read the article it is a serious story the headline makes it seem like a “and finally” light hearted story you often hear at the end of a news bulletin.
I also though that they are all good stories to pick because they are spread all over Preston rather than being concentrated in one specific area. They were also news stories that clearly stated their locations in the articles in the Evening Post which was an obvious help.
The story i found on blogpreston.co.uk about how budget cuts could mean less police in Preston i feel links into the story about the knife robbery in Ingol because if budget cuts do result in less police it could result in alot more news stories about crime in Preston.

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JN3800 image skills test

origonal image

100 x 100

400 x 300

200 x 500

I used this image partly because i found it on my laptop and using it would be quicker than taking a new picture and then uploading it but also i thought it was quite an interesting picture of the media factory at night that i must have taken on the way back to my old flat after an evening out.

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