Say it ain’t so Oscar…..

de-la-hoya-vs-forbesAt the age of 42 the Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya is talking up the possibility of a comeback to boxing. Seven years since he was destroyed by Manny Pacquiao in his last pro fight De La Hoya wants to fight either the current pound 4 pound king Floyd Mayweather, who beat DLH in 2007 in what was then the richest fight in history, or the Kazakh middleweight king Gennady Golovkin, widely regarded as the hardest puncher in the world.

So despite winning ten world titles in six weight divisions why make a comeback? De La Hoya says he misses the competition and that 42 is the 32 but the sceptic in me and I’d guess most people know it’s all about the Dollars. The Golden Boy earned that nickname for a reason, during his Hall of Fame career De La Hoya generated over $700million in pay per view revenue and money is surely the only reason De La Hoya would possibly want a rematch vs. Mayweather. Despite the closeness of their 1st fight in which many people scored the fight as a DLH win it is impossible to imagine a 42 year old who has been out of the ring for seven years having even an outside chance of beating a fighter who has mastered the art of defence however it is inevitable that even a fight which is certain to be so one sided would generate enough money to enter the top 5 richest fights of all time.

Gennady-Golovkin-WBA-IBO-middleweight-titlesIf a Mayweather rematch would make De La Hoya a winner financially then a fight against Golovkin would be nothing short of a disaster for the Golden Boy. In 2008 De La Hoya was beaten up for eight rounds by the naturally smaller Manny Pacquiao which ended his career so the prospect surely taking up to 12 rounds of punishment versus the naturally bigger middleweight Golovkin, universally recognised as the world’s toughest puncher, is something no sane 42 year old would surely agree to. It is impossible to imagine the odds on a De La Hoya win being anything other than at least 100/1 and that those are normally the kind of odds for when a World Champion fights a no hoper which unfortunately De La Hoya would be versus Golovkin.

oscar-de-la-hoya-vs_323x216Why do so many legendary boxers not know how to say “enough is enough?” De La Hoya has beaten 17 world champions, been involved in several of the biggest fights in history and won world titles at featherweight, lightweight, light-welterweight, welterweight, light-middleweight and middleweight yet even that doesn’t seem enough for the Golden Boy. Apart from George Foreman has any boxer ever made a successful comeback after years of inactivity? To see legends such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones, James Toney, Ricky Hatton, Evander Holyfield et al either make unsuccessful comebacks or just carry on fighting too long as a shadow of their former self is amongst the saddest things a human being can ever wish to see. What does Oscar De La Hoya possibly hope to achieve from making a comeback? To be remembered as a once great fighter who couldn’t say no to the lure of a comeback and more importantly the money that would be made from stepping back into the ring. I want to remember the Golden Boy as a fighter who was a pound 4 pound king in the late 90’s and who was involved in several of the biggest fights of his century, not as someone who convinced himself that he could beat Golovkin but instead was KOed within a couple of rounds whilst taking one hell of a beating.

Perhaps Al Haymon is the true reason behind De La Hoya’s possible comeback? Golden Boy Promotions was perhaps the most influential promotional company in boxing for several years until Al Haymon started signing up many of Golden Boy Promotions star fighters leaving the promoter De La Hoya with few superstar fighters to promote. De La Hoya has notoriously batted alcohol and drug addictions in the past and maybe it is wrong to assume money is the only motive behind a comeback, maybe stepping into the ring is an addiction you don’t know you have until you stop doing it and maybe life as a promoter helped De La Hoya take his mind off that particular addiction. Oscar De La Hoya is the only person in the entire world who knows the entire truth about why he’d want to make a comeback but from the outside looking in there are so many reasons to speculate about. I don’t want to see the Golden Boy surrounded by yes men telling him he can beat Golovkin, I also don’t want to see Golovkin seriously hurting De La Hoya which he undoubtedly would do. At the same time I don’t want to see De La Hoya make a low key comeback and lose to nobody’s who wouldn’t have had a chance of even beating him in their dreams when the Golden Boy was in his prime.

To be entirely honest I just don’t want to see De La Hoya fight anyone ever again full stop.


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