PNE vs MK Dons, a few thoughts

I write this post the Friday prior to the Preston North End vs Milton Keynes Dons match, i intend to be as objective as a PNE fan can be but two things grabbed my attention day and i wish to talk about them,

to quote Karl Robinson,
“It must be really nice [at Preston] to have the finances to bring in who you want. We obviously can’t do that here.”

It seems mr Robinson is extremely misinformed, over the past couple of years PNE have been a club in financial crisis reliant on an old man with some money to keep them alive, years of managers like Paul Simpson, Alan Irvine, Darren Ferguson and Phil Brown wasting money on dreadful players on wages far too high for a club like Preston to be able to afford left us, rumors they might be but if you believe what you read Neil Mellor was paid £14k a week (in Championship and about half that in league 1) and even more jaw dropping Ian Ashbee, 1 of the worst players i have ever seen in a Preston North End shirt was paid £24k a week at 1 point if you believe the rumors.

Perhaps the best thing that has happened to PNE in the 10 years since David Moyes left was Graham Westley coming in. He might not be popular outside of clubs he’s managed but his mass clear out of the playing staff in the summer along with Peter Ridsdale’s off the field cost cutting might have just saved the future of PNE for now. Only 1 current player, Stuart Beavon, cost any money and the rest were signed on free transfers, fans of the likes of Tranmere, Stevenage, etc who we got players from seem to think we are paying mega wages, ignoring the fact they might just see us as having a better chance of progressing to a higher level, when the truth is for the first time in years we are finally paying wages we can afford, the highest paid player at PNE is on about £2.5/3k a week depending who you believe. So Karl Robinson before you start talking about a club you have no idea about tell me how much some of your players are on? This season have Alan Smith, Jimmy Bullard, Luke Chadwick been playing for free?

The second link is a post from a local paper in the Milton Keynes which can only be described as a joke because i had a laugh whilst reading it.

“The Dons have technical skill, patience and an aesthetically pleasing style”

Are Brazil coming to Preston on Sunday? where are PNE are just another big bad Graham Westley team.

“Preston have pace, power, aggression and will be cynical when they need to be – like all Graham Westley sides.”

“If Preston are victorious on Sunday, no amount of foot-stomping over bullying tactics and claims that the Dons play ‘real football’ will get back those three lost points.”

“The Dons need to be wary of two things going into Sunday’s encounter. Firstly, they must try to avoid getting wound up by the Preston players. Westley’s sides, despite his claims that it is an unfair reputation, are well-versed in the art of gamesmanship: niggling fouls, time wasting and going to ground easily.”

Enough of the bulls**t about Graham Westley, how on earth can you make such claims without seeing the team actually play? PNE have scored 34 goals so far this season in all competitions, maybe if the writer of the article had seen Preston play he’d describe our style as an “aesthetically pleasing style” after all surely its impossible to score that many goals just playing hoof ball tactics? why does everyone assume Preston play like Stevenage c.2012? We’re no worse than any other club in the division, have you seen Crawley or 1 or 2 other clubs in league 1 play? Greg Abbott of Carlisle accused us of gamesmanship after a JPT match earlier this season but neglected to mention the player Carlisle had sent off, the other player they could have had sent off and the time wasting tactics to get to penalties (which they lost)

Graham Westley is hated in the media by people who probably don’t even know who he is but because its fashionable to dislike him they do so, other managers seem to decide at the beginning of the season that if they lose to him its not their fault Westley must have cheated somehow. Preston seem to get little if any credit, i.e after the 4-1 win vs Swindon due to the antic’s of Paulo Di Canio there was little mention in the media of how Preston won it was alla bout how Swindon “lost”. The idea of being a club no one likes appeals to me, gone are the days when we were mediocre and people almost felt sorry for us. I don’t care if you don’t like Preston North End, i know you’re wrong, but don’t judge us until you’ve seen us play.

There i’ve got through an entire post without mentioning my dislike for MK Don’s inception, i will however end with a question i’ve always wanted to know the answer to? Why do they still have “dons” still in their title? It’s like they’re sticking their middle finger up at every Wimbledon fan, why not just change their name to Milton Keynes FC or MK United, etc and finally move on…


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