Loopy local musicians hoping to make it big


Formed in 2008 Preston’s Mobius Loop are hoping 2011 is the year they make it big. The band, consisting of brothers Alex and Sean O’Hara, Tom Robinson, Nathan Bowe and David Watkins, have spent the previous two years playing around the pubs, bars and music venues of Preston with the occasional venture outside Preston including several tours of London which have involved performing in pubs and squatting in abandoned flats. However 2011 if all goes to plan is the year they hope to make a break though and gain recognition from somewhere other than the sleepy little musical outpost we call Preston.

I never learned to sing (live recording)

The five piece describe themselves as reggae folk and because of this they perhaps need more than one listen to appreciate their music. Their influences are wide and varied from Caribbean and folk music to what you could describe as poetic rock n roll and after listening to their music you hear the influence of poetic lyricists such as Jim Morrison or Ray Davies whose music they regularly cover in their live performances. The band regularly host open mic nights at the Mad Ferret which has allowed them to duet with several other members of Preston’s music scene and further add to their influences, all of this has lead to gradual building of an ever increasing fan base in Preston.

The band shore their more light hearted side.

As for finding out any information about future live shows http://www.myspace.com/mobiusloopmusic or looking them up on facebook are perhaps the best place to check however due to the regularity they spring up unannounced at other peoples gigs or your average open mic night you have a good chance of stumbling across a Mobius Loop live performance by doing something as simple as going to a pub in Preston on an average weeknight.


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