JN3800 data skills test

My graph shows the highest position each the Mercury music prize winning albums between 1992-2009 reached in the UK album charts. It is often said that due to the Mercury prize’s frequent awarding to less mainstream musicians it is a good way to increase album sales and raise a musicians popularity. This graph will show how much the Mercury prize has impacted on winning musicians, for some they have got to the conveted number 1 position whilst others have remained in the lower reachs of the album charts and found that winning the Mercury prize has been no help at all for gaining mainstream recognition. If you click on the link the table also shows total sales of the Mercury prize winning album in the UK which is another way of gauging who has benefited from winning the award and who has not. Overall i think this was a good collection of data to put into a graph because of the amount of information there is to to start with and the fact you have two choices of what to make a graph from, chart positions and album sales.



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