JN3800 map skills test

I chose the news stories because i feel that three of them are deadly serious but it might be a good idea to include a light hearted story about the priest who is aiming to help people in his parrish become more healthy even though as you read the article it is a serious story the headline makes it seem like a “and finally” light hearted story you often hear at the end of a news bulletin.
I also though that they are all good stories to pick because they are spread all over Preston rather than being concentrated in one specific area. They were also news stories that clearly stated their locations in the articles in the Evening Post which was an obvious help.
The story i found on blogpreston.co.uk about how budget cuts could mean less police in Preston i feel links into the story about the knife robbery in Ingol because if budget cuts do result in less police it could result in alot more news stories about crime in Preston.


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hello, this blog used to be for my journalism uni course but now i might keep writing
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