JN3800 multimedia journalism story idea’s

1. The Preston arts festival due to be staged between 17th-30th october.

Like alot of people i first became aware of this event after seeing the giant banner on Lancaster Road near the Preston Guildhall. After searching for more information on google i found that they had a website at www.prestonarts.com which contains a link to the full listings so for a news story that would be very helpfull because it would allow you to be able to go along to several of the events, that are being staged all around Preston, and write about them and possibly speak to the people involved. The website also contains contact details for the chairman and secretary so it seems like getting further information or somekind of press release would not be a problem.

2. The upcoming Uclan sports journalism convention.

I became aware of this after seeing a poster in greenbank building last week. If you search www.uclan.ac.uk and specificly the journalism pages its possible to find more information there but i think a better way to get more information would be to get in contact with Charlie Lambert Uclan’s head of sports journalism. I think in terms of turning this into a news story you would probably need to get a couple of quotes from the people from the national media who are speaking at the event, this could involve either getting in contact with them and trying to arrange to speak to them either before or after the convention to get their views on the Uclan sports journalism convention or using any suitable quotes from their speechs.


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